Numero74 butterfly & birds wings costumes

Posted by Eglantine Oualid on

Numero 74 likes to invite children's imagination to run free and wild!

There are no limits to imaginative play.  A feeling of adventure, renewal, and freedom is floating in the air !

Here come Lucy the butterfly's and Phoenix the bird's wings to create little whimsical silhouettes …and in a light and joyful mood.

The butterfly wings are made of full-span butterfly wings and antenna headband and so far available in 2 colours: Dusty Pink and Powder. 

The bird wings are costumes are made of full-span bird wings and a hat and available in 2 colours: Teal Blue and Gold.

Both costumes are suitable for 4 to 9 years old kids. They are adjustable thanks to elasticated shoulder straps and finger straps.  GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Lucy Butterfly Numero 74

Phoenix Bird costume Numero74

Phoenix Bird costume gold by Numero 74

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