Louise Misha in Australia

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Discover French Designer Louise Misha, a boho chic collection inspired by an unlimited taste for travels and adventures.

Joyfulness, colour, openness and curiosity ... oh, and a softness for comfort in the quiet moments. Louise Misha cultivates a bohemian spirit fully of poetry - just how we love it!

A collection that brings beauty, comfort and softness to your daily life.

Louise Misha really value the fact each of its pieces are unique. Hand-made embroideries, bright coloured pompons, macramé... The brand is always looking to promote artisanal knowhow and handmade to represent its identity and give a little bit of soul to each piece.

Being a fair, human and involved are some of the foundations of Louise Misha. Since its creation, the brand has maintained relationships of trust with its suppliers and works hand in hand with each of them to imagine, over the seasons, the most beautiful collections in the best conditions.

Louise Misha collection in Australia

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