New handmade organic soft toys

Posted by Eglantine Oualid on

Knit a buddy is our brand new label we now offer in store and on the website.

We invite you to discover their stuffed animals and teethers handmade in Peru with natural and organic materials. They offer simple and high quality toys with an ethical and sustainable production, handmade point by point by the skilled Peruvian artisans.

organic soft toys

All the pigments they use, both in the yarn dyeing process and in the printing of the packaging, are non-toxic vegetable inks, and the pima cotton is considered one of the best in the world to give incredible softness and maximum resistance.

We love simple toys that do not limit the imagination, designs that do not delimit the world of the little ones, based on colors according to their gender.


Knitabuddy's stuffed animals also deserve a bath. We recommend washing them by hand with a little warm water and mild soap, as it does not contain chemicals or dyes. Gently massage the doll and, once clean, rinse it well and remove the soapy residue. Afterward, let it air dry without direct sunlight. Ideal on a hot summer day!

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