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Our Muskhane felt basket, handcrafted in our workshops in Nepal, are a beautiful and practical storage solution with a refined design.

Elegant and modern, yet soft and tactile, they easily and aesthetically fit in any room from bathroom, to living room and kids room.

Play with sizes and colours! They easily assort with each others.

You can use them to tidy away toys in a bedroom, store your creative craft projects, or books, or anything that need to be tidy away. They can also be used as a pot plant.

Tidying will become a pleasure!
Simple and poetic these small storage solution are full of charm!
Convenient for tidying keys, jewellery, or simply placing a plant, here is an object that you will be happy to show off. Crafted by hand in our Nepalese workshops, it's maintenance is very easy.
Have fun with their different sizes and add colour and rythm to your home.
Teach the art of tidying to your little ones thanks to the playful Pasu baskets. Offered in different sizes, designs, and colours,  these fun and ludic storage accessories will allow children to easily gather up their toys, comforters and accessories. Created from felt, these baskets are easily maintained and don't easily stain. Catty, Foxy or Rabbit, which one would you choose? I personally like the 3 sizes together... they create a lovely little family!
Children love to disperse their little treasures according to their mood! Our baskets, bowls, and nested boxes in different sizes and colours are an ideal solution for avoiding chaos in a playful way and teatch that everything has a place

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